07 JUNE 2017

I know this letter is slightly delayed because of my second life as a medical student. Of course, my main life has revolved around you and Desi outsiders. But mainly, you.

During my train journey this morning I was wondering what this past year would have been had I not met you. I would definitely be a lot more 'normal' and I'm sure I wouldn't be saying things like "how 'bout dat?" But I also think a big part of my life would feel quite empty. Working alongside you has helped me create bigger goals and has totally made it clear that there's a genius comedian hidden inside me somewhere.

Speaking of comedy, can you please stop stealing all my jokes? I really don't appreciate my jokes being known to the public as YOUR jokes. That's not cool, Barb. Can you please add disclaimers to all your jokes and specifically mention it was my genius behind it? How 'bout dat?

Now that my exams are over, I'm so excited to dedicate 100% of my time and effort towards our babies. No, not your Macbook and my table tennis bat, but our real babies - femindia and DO. It does also mean that I have no excuse to pretend that I'm not available by the time I receive your sixth phone call of the day, but I guess I will survive.

I would also like to point out that the episode that will be released this week might lead to more emails coming in asking about why I'm the better host. I'm pretty sure the stories you expose about yourself in this episode are going to make people realise that afterall, Meenal is the normal one.

I hope your response to this letter has a clear explanation as to why you steal my jokes. This is public now and you have no choice but to come clean. The world is watching you.