14 JUNE 2017

Remember that lecture I gave you about setting a date to write these letters and being consistent with them?

You can't control everything in your life but you do have control over whether or not you show up. So we have to show up on a fixed day, every single week, Meenal!

I can be such a Nazi sometimes. I don't know how you and Shane even tolerate me. But do you know what's even more loathsome? When I, myself, don't follow my own orders.

I'm feeling like the biggest douchebag for writing this only a week after you wrote your letter to me. My plan was to respond during the weekend, especially to those silly accusations of me lifting your stupid jokes. But Kasha happened.

Having a dog live with us for a week changed everything. It made me so much happier, Barb! I don't know if you noticed, but just the routine of waking up every morning and pampering her for a bit before taking her to the park and playing with her, and then repeating all those steps in the evening made my life so much better. Right before I started writing this letter, Kasha and I had a little dance party although it was more of her giving me dirty looks for being a crazy lady and me genuinely dancing for joy.

But she leaves tomorrow. A part of me has cast off that piece of information because I know I'm going to be really sad and I don't want to deal with it. But another part of me is trying to prepare myself for that eventuality so that I don't do that thing where I go off the grid for a few hours because I'm upset. So one of two things is going to happen tomorrow - either I'll get too clingy and call you all day to whine about everything or I'll just curl up somewhere in the woods and not move a muscle when search parties come looking for me. I know you're already praying for the latter.

However, I realise that I could totally go missing tomorrow and you wouldn't even notice because you're going to be too drunk on love. Usually, when our new episodes get released, I listen to them first thing in the morning despite the fact that I sit through the entire editing process the night before. But I've noticed how you tend to listen to them only on your way to the gym or some "sportsing" practice. But tomorrow, I know that you're going to be up early to listen to your darling Amandeep's voice first thing in the morning. You haven't shut up about him ever since we finished recording yesterday and I just don't know how to deal with all your hormones. I think the old aunty in the married woman that I am probably has a shriveled uterus because I can't even remember what it feels like to have a crush on someone for the first time. It was sooooo long ago.

Maybe I am an old soul after all. Remember how you rolled your eyes so hard that you checked out your own ass the time I fell asleep on the couch at 10 pm because I was too tired after planking with you for 28 seconds that day?

Anyway, let's go back to that bit where you accused me of lifting your jokes for my blog. WHAT JOKES, pray, did I steal from you? The nation wants to know.

I know that you're spontaneously funny but I'm funnier than you. Your own friends have pointed out how you've never laughed with anyone as much as you've laughed with me. If you're still not convinced, allow me to remind you of the evening we logged into Shane's facebook and started commenting on your photos. Who did the commenting? Huh? You owe all that laughter (and more) to me, okay?


I know I could ramble forever but I want to end this with a question. You have to be unbiased, forget I'm your friend and tell me in your next letter what you think of this.

The other day, I spoke to a kid from India. Well, not a kid, she was just about a year younger than me but she was still a student and went to one the best colleges in our country. And during the conversation, when I told her about our podcast, she asked me what a podcast was. Obviously, I explained everything to her but I found myself getting very irritated. I still can't put a finger on the issue but I think my irritation stemmed from the fact that someone from my generation who seemed quite socially conscious was still not aware of podcasts. It took me back to the days when I had to answer questions about making a living out of blogging to people who simply could not wrap their heads around the concept. It reminded me of our podcast stats that clearly indicate that we have a bigger audience in the US than in India, which is interesting because our content is mostly tailored for an Indian audience.

It's 2017 and so much is happening around us. There are so many resources out there for people to tap into and to think that even basic awareness doesn't exist makes me uncomfortable. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?

Do you think my irritation was justified? Am I the one being ignorant and unreasonable in assuming that most people in our country are and should be aware of all the platforms like blogs, podcasts, audiobooks, and YouTube, and consume the content available there?