22 JUNE 2017

Dear Barbara,

So I'm leaving for Sweden tomorrow, but I don't feel the excitement I thought I would be feeling. I feel totally pooped and drained. This week has been a tough one at the DO HQ and that's because of Pamela Aunty. I've always had trouble with her. I hate that bitch.

This isn't the first week where we've hit Thursday night and just felt like our souls are being crushed and our minds are completely numb. This has happened before, but I feel that our 'resilience' muscle has become stronger. Remember after one episode release, we just had 32 listens, and you just went off the grid for two days because WHY DON'T PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT IT TAKES 10 HOURS TO RECORD AND EDIT AN EPISODE, SO JUST LISTEN TO IT. DUH. And then it turned out that we'd shared the wrong file everywhere so people couldn't listen even if they wanted to. After that incident, I honestly thought that things might just get too difficult between us, especially because at the time, I was never affected by these small issues.

But now, the tables haven't turned - you're functioning with the same mindset I had. There are times where you have to calm me down and tell me that everything will be okay, and that's really what I love about our work. I've seen the immense amount of change in your personality, overall well-being, and most importantly, your social skills! Remember when you hated speaking to me on the phone? Remember when I would ask you if you were free for a call? How dare I call you when WhatsApp chat is readily available, right?

You've become so good at dealing with humans, that I'm pleasantly surprised and definitely proud! I still feel that I'm way more talkative than you are when a guest comes on, and sometimes I think I talk too much and get really excited like a Duracell bunny, but the contrast is definitely not as extreme as it was 8 months ago.

Eight months? I remember talking to you around this time one year ago about starting a PAWWDCASST. I was in Gibraltar, where I am right now writing this letter, and I even remember where I was standing, and what I was wearing. Of course, I was wearing my Mummy Chapal.

I'm really happy to hear you're getting out of the house a lot more these days with your layaaaptop, I also see that you're a lot happier because Kasha left and there's no more mess in the house. Come on, I know you want to admit it! ALSO. YOU STOLE MY JOKE AGAIN. How 'bout dat?

I won't continue this letter until you come out in the open and say the whole truth.

Also, I've never touched rum in my life? What's dayaaat?