28 May 2017

Dear Barb,

I'm typing this out just an hour before we interview Tina from Mom Boss of 3 for the very first episode of Season 3. THREEEE! This feels surreal.

It was our dream to be able to meet and get to talk to interesting people on our podcast and we're getting there one step at a time. I'm looking at our archives and getting a warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart - 31 episodes and 5 amazing guests so far. And so many more to look forward to!

I always make it a point to remind you how proud I am of you, to keep telling you that you're doing a great job. Because honestly, I doubt if I would have been able to juggle as many things as you do. But at the same time, I feel the need to tell you that sometimes, I get fucking tired of your stupid medical degree and your never-ending exams. Right now, there's nothing I'd rather do than call you on Skype and prepare for Tina's interview together. But you have that stupid final exam on June 6 and I can't believe you had to wake up early this morning to study before the interview. Ugggh!

Also, do you think I should change before the interview? I'm still in my PJ's. Should I shower? You think TINAAAAAA would notice?

So, looks like I'm going insane because in these letters, I'm beginning to ask you questions I usually ask you face to face. IS THIS WHAT OUR RELATIONSHIP HAS COME TO? Damn those stupid exams and your demanding medical career!

I guess I'll ask you about changing for the interview when I call you in 30 minutes. Or you know what? Imma gonna try and look pretty. Just in case.

Okay, wore a bra and changed my t-shirt. Tina has three little kids, she'll understand.

Oh, and by the way, I'm writing this on my new layaptaaaaap and I love it, Barb! It's perfect for me. The only place I don't carry it with me is the shower because that would be irresponsible. Just the shower though 'cos this little guy has accompanied me on trips to the loo. Oh my God, I just remembered that we have to name him. Or her. I've not decided yet. Anyway, when you come over in July, I might actually let you touch the laptop because I kinda love you now.