Episode 30 - QnA: Season 2 Finale

In season 2, we discussed many issues affecting us all around the globe and here we are at the Season Finale, discussing the most crucial of them all - who really is the ‘sexier’ one at the Desi Outsiders HQ (not including Shane).

This episode brings you all the unanswered questions that may have been swimming in your brain the past few months, including why we’re not called the ‘Desi Insiders’ :D

Show Notes

Interview with Lasya Esha: https://desioutsiders.com/episode-24-following-your-artistic-passions-a-guest-interview-with-lasya-esha/

Interview with Simar Singh of UnErase Poetry: https://desioutsiders.com/episode-28-simar-singh-on-un-erasing-poetry/