Episode 44 - In Conversation with Gurmehar Kaur

This week, we’re in conversation with Gurmehar Kaur, a face that you might already be familiar with. Since February of this year, a photograph of her holding a placard that says ‘Pakistan did not kill my dad, war killed him” has been plastered all over the news and social media channels in India.

She was scrutinized by the whole nation, criticised by celebrities, and directly compared to the antagonists of the world. The title “anti-national” as a suffix to her name was at the tip of everybody’s tongue although, most people didn’t even have the slightest context into how and why this branding was taking place.

What resulted was her receiving rape and murder threats while the whole nation forgot the main reason for all this scrutiny - Gurmehar’s stand against a leading student body in India that attacked young students at a Delhi University campus. Tune in to listen to her side of the story!

Show Notes:

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