Episode 76 - We're here to stay

It’s been a month since we last virtually greeted you and as bad as this sounds, we didn’t plan for four weeks to go by before we could show up and say hi.

We don’t have set weekends anymore. Hell, we don’t even get two consecutive days off in a week with our new commitments. And as you can imagine, speaking to guests based in different time zones has been a little inconvenient, if not completely impossible.

But here we are, and we’ve decided that no matter what happens, we’re going to show up every week and have a blast recording our episodes! We explain why all of us at the DO HQ needed a hard reset, and we couldn’t leave without discussing the Serena Williams controversy.

Your thoughts, feedback and even ideas as to what we can discuss mean everything to us! Drop us an email to [email protected] or DM us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Thank you for all your feedback so far - you have provided us with a continuous drip of inspiration to show up every week. #MedicalJoke