Episode 75 - Braindump

After almost half a year, we bring you another Braindump! We use this episode to explain why we've been off the radar for some time, and... Read more

Episode 36 - Braindump

36 - that's the number of jokes Ankita has stolen from Meenal (and still counting). HOW ‘BOU DAH? It's also the number of times Ankita has... Read more

Episode 27 - Braindump

This week, we come with the last Braindump of the season. As always, nothing can prepare you for the tangents because, at the end of the... Read more

Episode 20 - Braindump

HOLY COW! This is our 20th episode and we can’t believe it either. We think it’s quite fitting that this episode is a braindump.... Read more