Dear Barb

Dear Barb

Dear Barb, It feels like it's been an age since I've written to you. I do apologise for this delay because I was given specific instructions... Read more


Dear Barb, It's the 1st of September and I'm super super super excited for this month! I'll be with my parents in India in about three... Read more

16 AUGUST 2017

Dear Barb, As much as I'd love to go back and fantasize about the last two months of my memorable summer vacation - including my competition... Read more

11 AUGUST 2017

Dear Barb, I feel like a loser because it's been almost a month since your last letter to me and I'm just responding. Although, I'm sure... Read more

17 July 2017

Dear Barb, I LOL-ed out loud when you said that everything is 'it' for me! (does that make it LOLL - laugh out loud loud?) Your... Read more

11 JULY 2017

Dear Barb, Have you found your passion? Have you found "it"? I'm not really sure. Because you have too many "it"s. The first time I... Read more