Dear Barb

03 JULY 2017

Dear Barb, I'm not sure how to respond to your letter, because to be honest, I've never experienced such support and love from a close friend.... Read more

28 JUNE 2017

Dear Barb, I was waiting until today to write my response to your letter. For today is THE day. The day when I imagine you kicking... Read more

22 JUNE 2017

Dear Barbara, So I'm leaving for Sweden tomorrow, but I don't feel the excitement I thought I would be feeling. I feel totally pooped and drained.... Read more

20 JUNE 2017

Dear Barb, This morning when you called me to say that someone somewhere messed up something and now, you leave for Sweden on Friday instead of... Read more

17 June 2016

So I have to start this letter by addressing the issue you spoke about regarding podcasts in India because if I don't, you'll think that I'm... Read more

14 JUNE 2017

Remember that lecture I gave you about setting a date to write these letters and being consistent with them? You can't control everything in your life... Read more