Episode 67 - In Conversation with Trisha from Brown Girl Magazine

This week, we spoke to Trisha Sakhuja Walia, the CEO of Brown Girl Magazine. This incredible online magazine serves as an anchor for South Asians who believe in gender equality. Their content provides a connection between the readers, the trailblazers, community leaders, and all the badass women in the South Asian community.

We spoke to Trisha about how this small idea had started back in 2008, and how 10 years later, they’ve grown and expanded in the US, London and Canada. Not only do they have their website running with over 150 contributors, they also successfully run their own YouTube channel and recently launched a podcast - queeringdesi. Trisha discusses everything from the ethos of Brown Girl Magazine to how they strive to become the powerhouse of South Asian media for Desis abroad.

Show notes:

Website: www.browngirlmagazine.com

Get in touch with Trisha: www.instagram.com/tsakhuja_walia

Get in touch with Brown Girl Magazine staff: [email protected]